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by humanmama on May 19, 2013

I have a sister. Today is her birthday. And, she’s such a super amazing person, I thought you all should know.  I got her into a lot of trouble back in the day, so it’s the least I could do.

She is kind. She is patient. She is fantastically strong. She is not calm. She is feisty. She’s a feminist. She is always there for her friends. She is quick to anger, when someone does me wrong. She’s a great mother. She’s an amazing aunt. And she’s been suffering, terribly, lately. With concern. With worry. With fear. With the unknown.

Just like we all do.

So I’d like to make some amazing people (you) aware of her incredible talents. She has many. But sometimes (as you know), in life, there is a time here and there that we cannot….go….on… And during those times, we need some encouragement. We need someone else to say “HERE IS SOMEONE GREAT!”

Take a look at her amazing, organic, better than (rhymes with Murt’s Mees) body butter (all-healing) and lip balm. It’s handmade from a few simple, good, whole ingredients, smells amazing, heals chappiness and poor skin and sour dispositions, and is inexpensive. And amazing. And small-batch. And incredible. (And, while you click on this link, take a look at her friend and ours, The Humble Lemon, who’s hosting B’s Healing Balms on their website. Their stuff is amazing, incredible, handmade, and affordable, …much like my sister’s love-in-a-jar. And if your baby was wearing them both? Well, that baby would be awesome).

My sister is 31 today. We love you, Bebe. HERE IS SOMEONE GREAT!

I know you’ll think so too.


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