harsh winter

by humanmama on February 6, 2012

Where is winter?

Winterrrr? Where aaare youuuu? That’s what my kids would say if they were playing hide-n-seek with winter. Which I kind-of am. Don’t Get Me Wrong, please, I am not at all in any way sad that it’s been a winter of, what, a few 20-degree days interspersed with day after day of 46 degrees. Not at all. I’m not complaining here, no way.

But I do feel the way I sometimes feel when I hear of a tragic death and then think to myself, gee, no one has died in our family in a long time. I think: uh-oh!

I want to believe that winter is allllmost over and these 45-degree days will soon turn into 75-degree days. But something in me thinks that this is the midwest or even the east and it shouldn’t be like this. That soon, very soon, the snowpocalypse will happen, and we will be snowed in until April. Or May.

I think there’s a sincere optimist inside me that believes in the best! I do! Only, I think she is repeatedly given roofies by the realist that also lives inside me. That optimist wakes up, not knowing what she did last night, only to look over at the realist who’s saying, “What?

Okay, Spring. I’m ready for you. But Winter, know that I’ve still got my eye on you.

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