happy Monday

by humanmama on August 22, 2011

I'm so happy!

I haven’t done “Happy Happy Monday” in a long time. So here you go. What makes you happy on this Monday? I know it must be something. Go ‘head, think of something. I’ll wait. Want some inspiration? I’ll give you a short list:

  • Invisible fencing. Makes my dog happy and me happy. And no one gets run over by a car. (See? It’s really the little things that count.)
  • A gorgeous, 70-something-degree beautiful blue-sky-white-puffy-cloud kind of day.
  • Good friends and good kids.
  • The fact that when you feel “we’re broke! We’ll never make it!” and you talk to other friends you realize, hey, we’re all in the same spot right now, just having young kids and getting through one day at a time. Few of us aren’t broke, or at least broke some of the time, and when you think about it, what’s a new car or vacation, anyway? Soon they lose that newness (or vacation-ness) and you’re left right back here. Better to have something you want for the long haul, like happy people surrounding you, than something that loses its newness immediately and then requires a payment.
  • Mondays mean Friday is just that much closer.

It’s that time of the year that is just ripe with newness. New schools, new teachers, new shoes. New Halloween costumes. Some new babies. New schedules, new smells of leaves falling and burning, new backpacks. So much newness, leading to Thanksgiving and then Christmas that the year is just tipping over into the free fall of the Autumn and winter. So enjoy it! Before you know it we’ll be all bored, in January, with nothing to do.

But not yet.

Happy Monday!

Looks like someone's got a case of the 'Mondays'

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Jessica August 23, 2011 at 2:47 am

It’s true, we have so much newness around here that it’s giving me insomnia, and yet I’m thrilled! Doing something new feels delightful. For now.


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