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by humanmama on November 19, 2012

I am so, so, so sick today. It’s really something. Like I said before, it truly makes you remember how good, how great it is to be well, the gift of being sick. Suddenly breathing fully, non-chapped lips, sleeping through the night–these all become things you remember, you long for. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, for sure.

There are so many gifts we take for granted. They tend to make me wax poetic the more that I think of all the gifts of living. How would we know happiness if not for sorrow? How would we know partnership if not for loneliness?

How would we know the pleasure of sleep if not for the ache of waking, exhausted, bleary-eyed, in the night? I remember so many times the shuffle, stagger into the kids’ rooms. The swaying, baby in arm, for minutes, hours, trying to get them back to sleep. And oh, sweet bliss, as I was able to slide back into my own bed, under my covers, back to sleep.

How would we know the satisfaction of a feast if not for hunger? As this Thanksgiving gets closer I think of those who do not know fullness, in this country and in others, while we indulge in fullness, seemingly every day. It makes me want to help, to give, but it also makes me more likely to savor the feeling of food, the tastes and sensations of being ale to eat just what I want on Thanksgiving day.

And how would we cherish life if we could not see death? When I hold my little ones I think often of those without someone to love, those who have loved and lost, those who are lost. And I do give thanks, each day, for the gift of my life. For the lives of my children, of my family. And for yours, too. Thanks.

bathtub full of gratitude

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