by humanmama on November 18, 2009

When you’re the mom of a 3-year-old practically everything they say is note-worthy. They’re constantly giving you these little pearls of wisdom that they think of right at that very moment: sometimes shocking, sometimes amazingly insightful. My parents and husband are always saying to me “I hope you’re writing these things down” which of course then gives me terrible mommy-guilt, but, what doesn’t?!

In discussing this with other mommies I realize that it’s not only Helena, but as I mentioned, the entire race of 3- and 4- year-olds that have a running commentary fit for Comedy Central. Well, actually I will add one caveat: we all have about 6 brain cells left so many things are funny to the “stay-at-home” parent that might not actually be, in real life, “funny.”

The other day, for an example, out of the blue, and when I was in a true dilemma about being 15 lbs. more than when I got pregnant with Lilly, Helena made a little comment about my stomach. A friend of ours is pregnant, and so, thinking in the same vein, and with the typical reserve so common in the 3-year-old, she places her hand on my tummy and says “we have another baby in there, too, Mom?” Nice. Too early to tell her about the birds-and-bees, but what about the “don’t make comments about other people’s appearance, honey” discussion??

We were at Wal-Mart the other day (okay, and for this I am adequately ashamed… it is a terrible place which fosters slave-labor in other countries, I know…) picking up a stroller that my mother and grandmother bought us (you see? it wasn’t like I was SHOPPING…). And when we were in line, there was an employee, who was a little person (which is now the appropriate term), who was cleaning the bathroom. And Helena, in her perfectly innocent 3-year-oldness, says “Mommy, what is that little guy doing?” I do not answer but attempt to distract her saying something like “look at this TOY, it’s made in CHINA!” She persists, louder, “MOMMY, what IS that little guy DOING?” Terrified he will hear us, I say something like, “shh, honey, let’s not talk about our friends here” (maybe he’ll think she’s referring to another child?). So she lets loose: “MOMMY, WHAT IS THAT LITTLE GUY DOING??!” He looks up. Priceless. And I am not easily embarrassed, so, yeah.

My friend’s little boys are getting older, preschoolers, and she was admiring how big and strong they are now when her 4-year-old said, and I’m paraphrasing, “You think our muscles are big and strong–you should see my PENIS!!” And what do you say to that?

Although I remember clearly thinking “I can’t wait to hear Helena’s voice” when our oldest was a baby, I really relish this time before Lilly can talk. At 6 months old, she’s blowing rasberries in her excer-saucer right now, and when I look up from typing (don’t worry, she’s not alone for long) she smiles, big, and jumps up and down. Next comes the phase where they can say “NoeIdonwannago gwammaaa” and you can still say “Ohh! She says she loves you, grandma!” But after that…there’s no turning back. Just pure, unadulterated, honesty. In it’s purest form.

What a treasure. Hee hee.

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katie November 19, 2009 at 5:49 pm

that was definitely real life (if that is still even applicable to me…)funny! love it!


Jessica November 20, 2009 at 10:44 am

Hilarious. I'll be sure to cherish this time before Sebastian can be easily understood by others!


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