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by humanmama on October 12, 2011

Here are things that are not my favorite:

this does not mean "stop."

Driving in Pittsburgh, in rush hour. On a bridge. Maybe even through a tunnel.

Smells. Perfume, for one, which I am almost totally allergic to. Even dirty hair, which is funny, since I have a lot of friends who are dirty hippies. I still love them, I just try not to smell their hair too much.

Touching gross things in the sink. I mean, I’m a mom and I touch gross things all the time–in fact, it doesn’t even bother me to clean poo off of anything anymore, but I just do not like touching that sink trap with the gross slimy food in it. Or hair. EW.

Feeling just totally impotent (i.e. that I am accomplishing nothing), which is a feeling I fight all the time. For all the talk about how much stay-at-home moms would make if they were paid, it still works out to $nothing, and at the end of the day I’m left with the same mess and headache that I had the night before. That’s why I started this blog: to remind you, and by proxy myself, what a wonderful life it is and how we should be present for it and really try to enjoy it day by day.

Being late, which is ironically and hilariously what I’m known for (especially in college), but I do not like to be late. I realize now it implies you don’t care about the schedules of others, and seems really like bad manners. It’s super hard to always be early or on time with kids, though, but I do try to at least let people know when I’m going to be late. Which I probably will be.

Here are things that are my favorite:

Driving in West Michigan, out in the country, doing 80-ish. Not in a van. I get to do this this weekend and I’m psyched.

When Carpenter and I think the same, and have that moment where we both raise our eyebrows just a little at each other and we know we’re on the same page without saying anything.

The first view when you’re going into Pittsburgh (not in rush hour) after you go through the Ft. Pitt tunnels and you see the whole thing–that whole city, all lit up. Anytime of year. It’s amazing, especially when you’re hometown skyline is “Detroit.” (Poor Detroit. Go Lions!)

Arguing. Especially with people who are sharp, witty, good-natured… and always let me win. Just kidding! Sort of.

My kids. But you knew that. And my niece and nephew, 14 years and 8 days old, respectively, who give me a second chance to be cool. Since my kids will definitely not think so one day.

My awesome neighborhood full of friends and kids and just general togetherness. All of our neighbors are so cool, and it’s really important to have a lot of cool people with kids around. At least to roll your eyes to when you’re getting the kids into the car.

Having people–this has now happened a few times–stop me on the street, or email me, or text me, to tell me they have begun reading this blog and love it. Some of you are good friends, some of you are long lost friends, and sometimes there is someone whom I’ve never met. If it speaks to you, then I am doing my job just entirely, and I love that more than I can say. Thanks, again, for being a reader. Humanmama is happy. :)

I'm happy.

What are your favorite things? What are your not-favorites?

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