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by humanmama on January 28, 2014

It’s like being on a cruise ship. Except, there’s no gorgeous destinations, no oceans, no views. Nope, just me and the family, stuck indoors for days, with intestinal viruses. Not exactly the vacation I’d imagined.

It all began last week with 4YO Lilly crying from her perch on the top bunk bed in the girls’ room. “Will you go check?” I asked Carpenter, and as he made his way up the stairs I heard “THROWUP!” The stench hit me as soon as I got to the steps: this was going to be a long night.

And it was! A long fortnight. Lilly slept on the bathroom floor, fitfully, waking to throw up, apologize, and go back to sleep. Fast forward almost a week and her big sister, 7YO Helena, crying from the freshly sanitized top bunk. “Are you okay,” I asked, rushing to her side, afraid of the worst. “I think,” she gasped, “that the germs? From this bed? Are in me.” I assured her she was okay, go back to sleep, but just in case went downstairs to get a big bowl. Which turned out to be a good thing.

7YO is different than her sister, fighting, crying, yelling for Daddy to take it away. It’s a study in siblings: one apologizes; the other looks accusingly at me, eyes angry in the light of the bathroom closet, almost like I made her throw up. “I’m so sorry you’re sick,” I say to both kids. And I am. So, so sorry. And in the end we all end up the same way: bad breath and aching knees, huddled together on the bathroom floor. Being sick is the worst. And, being a parent to a sick kid is worse than that.

We will get better, we will. the house will one day be clean again, and sanitized. The windows are one day going to be flung open, again, and the sunlight and breezes will clean out the cobwebs and our souls. It will happen. It will be the vacation we’re all longing for.

But first, I’d like to get off of this cruise, please. We’ve all had quite enough.


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