falling up

by humanmama on October 6, 2009

The times, they are a-changin’! It’s getting to be fall again and Helena must be growing, because she’s getting to be fallin’ again. It’s amazing that she falls (severely, it seems) at least once a day. She fell down the steps (concrete…pause for mommies everywhere to gasp) the other day right onto the sidewalk. To make it worse, I was upstairs with Lilly and she was with my neighbor and in-laws. Want to discuss motherly guilt?

It’s really a gorgeous time of year, in spite of all that. The leaves are changing color about as fast as the bruise on Helena’s head, and it’s cool enough for jeans and sweatshirts most of the time. There is, though, an underlying feeling of dread that I can tell everyone has, and that is …it’s coming…

Yes, winter is coming. But for now, we have all the loveliest fall things to look forward to, if only briefly, and let me list them in case the winter-dreading-blues are already setting in for you. Fall brings leaves. To rake, yes, but to also jump in. And did you ever smell the smell of a burning leaf pile? I love that smell, even though I think it’s illegal here, now. Hmm.

Fall brings “fall back” when they say “an extra hour of sleep!” which I believe someone forgot to tell my children, who cheerfully woke up at 6:45am as usual, apparently not knowing it was only 5:45, and that they could, if they felt like it, sleep another hour. Next year they’ll be more informed, perhaps.

Fall brings apples (YUM!), and cider, and cinnamon donuts. Jeans, which are great, especially when you fit into them, as I plan to, next fall. And Halloween, and then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas so fast you’ll turn around and it’ll be January before you know it. And then we’ll begin the process of wondering why we live in Pennsylvania when there’s a Fiji, or why we live in Michigan when there’s a Bahamas, etc. But, that’s January’s dilemma, and it’s only November!

A week ago there were about 20 leaves on our lawn and now there are hundreds–thousands–littering the place. If you want to look at it like that. Or, you could notice, they’re making a really nice place for my Helena to fall into, all dirty, grass stains on her jeans, and just take utter delight in the Fall. And when you think about it, it’s the only Fall she’ll ever be three. “Think of that!” I tell Ben, as she trips up the sidewalk. So happily.

So, that much to look forward to, then.

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Jessica November 3, 2009 at 11:39 pm

Lovely. Glad the down-the-steps fall wasn't too serious, and that the winter blues haven't arrived for you yet. We greatly enjoyed the cider and doughnuts that all the fall festivals brought. I did have to break out Sebastian's winter coat yesterday, though… fall is going by fast!


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