by humanmama on November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving is coming! As you know. As everyone knows. As the children’s clothing retail market knew in July. It’s coming.

So why haven’t I written about being thankful? Because you know that I am. So thankful. I’m thankful for you. For you, college roommate. For you, friend from High School that lives in Japan. Or lesbian friend who gives me advice for getting things done by working hard and smart. I’m thankful for you, family, and sister, stepbrother, nephews, nieces, in-laws, and friends. For my awesome and amazing neighbors. For a hardworking and amazing husband. I’m thankful for you, my darling children who are so good. I just drink you in.

I’m thankful for my awesome house on my awesome double yard and it’s awesome 60-degree slope that makes kids think horrible thoughts: thoughts involving their siblings and power wheels. I can always see their little brains working overtime trying to utilize my hilly backyard.

I’m thankful that my kids eat broccoli and kale. And that they still love ice cream and pizza. I’m thankful that I know when I should give them which.

I’m thankful that my awesome nurse practitioner told me “You’re a great mom.” There’s someone I can believe. It’s like if a personal trainer told you “you’re really in great shape.” Which has not happened yet.

I’m thankful for hope.

I’m thankful for honesty. And, because of that, I hope you’ll be thankful when I honestly tell you I’m so tired and out of it that I’m ending this post here.

And, thanks.

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