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by humanmama on August 7, 2011

Last photos ever taken with dead camera, RIP

I have a little problem. Actually it’s a major problem. I have a camera (digital, of course) and a camcorder (with those little DVD discs). And they are both broken.

My dilemma is this: if you get them repaired, there is a fee just to look at them. The cheapest I’ve found for that fee is $40. So I’d be paying $80 just to see if the place can fix my stuff. Then I might be paying more on top of that.

And that’s not the worst part: the $40 comes off of any repair they need to make, so maybe it’s just a $50 repair and when I get the camera back, I’d only owe $10 more. But what if it’s something the place can’t fix? Then I’d be out of $40 or $80–that’s eighty dollars–with nothing to show for it.


When I had a *paying* job, I’d think nothing of spending $40 on a camera repair. No big deal, you need a camera, right? Actually, I’d probably sell it on Ebay as a broken camera and then I’d buy a newer, better, more wonderful camera! I deserve it! I work hard!

But I don’t have a job anymore.

Oops! Correction: I have a job but it isn’t exactly a paying job. Not like those jobs I used to have. At least, not in the instant-gratification- every-two-weeks paying kind of way. This pay is a little more long term. Like “eternal rewards” or “blessings” or “joyousness” kind of way. Which is so great. Yay! Love!

Why doesn’t that pay the bills?

So should I miss important details of my children’s lives with no camera/camcorder?!? Or, should I just pay up? I don’t really need Carpenter to go to the dentist–we can always buy dentures later, right?

When I have a paying job, I mean?

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