earth day birthday…cake!

by humanmama on April 25, 2011

My baby’s two years old. Amazing. It’s only two years but so much happens, so much personality and crying and laughing and late nights and early mornings. So much big happiness, and a few little hurts (thank god). Two years! Amazing.

When I did Big Sister’s birthday parties it was always in summer, since her birthday is in June. In April, in Pittsburgh, it pretty much rains for 3 weeks, meaning our yard which is an enormous steep hill is usually a mudslide ending in a swamp. So I didn’t have many people over. My family and Ben’s family were all coming over to our place for Easter, and we had Lilly’s official birthday celebration that day. But, since she was born on Earth Day, I wanted an Earth day cake. So I called my friend Jess.

“Jess,” I said, “Do you still make cakes for family?” I was thinking, “Can you pretend I’m family?” but she already knew that I probably needed something, so I didn’t even have to ask. I told her how many people, and I said “Make it not Easter-y. Let’s make it an Earth Day birthday cake.” I told her I’d like it to go on my blog, and could I stop by on Saturday and take a photo of it? Also, please no clowns. I hate clowns.

I had no idea what I was in for. When I arrived on Saturday, I was greeted by Jess’s cute hubby Chris taking their kids to the park. Jess led me to the cake and as she sheepishly asked “do you like it?” I collected my jaw from the floor.

Wow, right?

She wanted to know if it was good enough? I said “Jess, I just didn’t want clowns.” And I believe I mentioned a globe or something Earth-y. The cake was a masterpiece, and I was only sad I didn’t invite more people over.

Happy birthday!

Ben and I picked the cake up on Sunday, and when we unveiled it, it was a huuuge hit. The cake was delicious, but the art… The ART!…was the unbelievable part. And I say again, what amazing things parents can do! (Yes, those are little weather patterns and hurricanes on the globe. I know.)

If you like the cake and would like Miss Jess to make one for you, you can contact her by phone number listed on her website,–although, let me state that the website is still in the works and she only does this for a hobby. But seriously, you should call her.

Too pretty to cut! But somehow, we managed.


Happy Earth Day Birthday, my dear baby. I can’t believe you’re two. And I’m a little sad you won’t remember this day. But guess what? I will.

mommy's happy, cake is awesome, Lilly holds a knife. With help. YIKES!



(And, thanks to Jess, so will my family!)

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aunt bea bea April 25, 2011 at 11:04 pm

Yay Lilly! Yay Jess! I’m trying to think of a reason to get myself a cake!


aj April 26, 2011 at 9:34 pm

who needs a reason?!


Jess April 26, 2011 at 5:36 am

Awwwwwww….you are TOO kind, AJ! I had a great time making it, so thank YOU :)


Samantha Smith April 26, 2011 at 8:37 am

Wow. That is just gorgeous (the cake and the sentiment)! After attempting a cake for Sutter this past September, I can truly appreciate how hard it is to create something so beautiful (at least for me anyway!) Love it!


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