duck season (“wabbit season”)

by humanmama on May 7, 2012

Sometimes having children is sitting on the porch in the summer, sunshine streaming down, blowing bubbles to them, hearing them laugh in delight and run around popping the biggest one.

Sometimes having children is Elmer Fudd and Buggs Bunny and guns and ammo and anvils and bombs and that sneaky feeling that you’ve just walked off a cliff about 20 steps ago and you can’t look down because you know you’ll fall down into the Grand Canyon. Parenting is: a Warner Bros. cartoon. Sometimes.

It mostly depends on your mood. Even the kids’ moods aren’t what makes the difference. It’s a matter of how much sleep you’ve had, how many chores you were able to get done, what you had for breakfast… It’s a combination of whether or not you’re getting along with your partner and if you’ve had caffeine and if you remembered gymnastics is today and left early enough for it. It’s a little of laundry being put away the same day it’s folded, a little of the dishes getting clean in the dishwasher because someone remembered to pre-rinse, and a little bit of the weather thrown-in.

Parenting is just like anything else, basically. Only it effects your children. So really, unlike in many other things, you try really, really hard not to look down. Just to keep running towards the other cliff’s edge, knowing that you just might make it back onto solid surface again.

And, if you need help, ask me. I’ll be there with an anvil for you.

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