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by humanmama on May 10, 2012

I just happened to look at the Lotto jackpot for today. The MegaMillions is up to 16 million dollars over here, and that kinda got me thinking. What could I do with $16,000,000.00?

Well, I researched a little. It looks like the cash option for that would really be like $9,389,000.00 or so. Okay, so let’s say, $9.3 million. That’s still a hefty chunk of change, in my opinion. And I could definitely work with that. That could buy me a new home, like say, Beyonce’s mother’s house, which hit the market in September for about $3.5 million. Then I’d have a lot left over, too. But, then again, that’s in Texas, and I kind of (I know, right? What the–) like our little house here in Pittsburgh. You definitely couldn’t pay $3.5 million to get neighbors (who are friends, too) like we have. (Maybe $4 million. But no way $3.5 million.)

So moving is sort-of out.

I guess we could pay off all our debts, like this house, and buy some sweet new rides, and get rid of student loans, and the like. But still, that leaves us with about, um, $9 million left. Even after my purchases of some of these, we’d still have a lot left over. (Thanks, Dave Ramsey, when I moved to Pittsburgh I listened to you every day, and although you’re nuts, you know your stuff and helped me stay out of most debt.) Hmm, being from Michigan has it’s perks, and one of those perks is admiration for the automobile….




Then even with those out of the way, we’d still need to get some new clothes, and maybe a gym membership. But I’m telling you, there’s still like $9m in the bank. So we’ll hire an investor to help us MAKE money WITH our money, and I’m sure that would eat up a bit.

Then I’d definitely find myself here, or here, or here:





And maybe buy a little shack on a beach someplace that my kids and grandkids could come and visit. Maybe it’d even be more than a shack, but nothing too crazy. And then we’d just live our lives, with no worry about money, ever.

But then again, it’s highly unlikely I’d ever win the lottery. First of all, you have to buy tickets. And second, it’s a lot more likely that you’d be struck by lightning then winning a jackpot in the millions. Maybe several times.

And, when I think about what I’d really, really like (clothes without holes, gym membership, new car, and a vacation), I think that maybe it’s not worth the hassle. I like my life. And I’m truly, truly blessed to have what I do have. Healthy kids, happy family, great dog, and good partner. Nice house. Stellar friends. Wonderful school district. Native Country where I can express myself. Relative freedom. Choices. Enough.

And then I think, maybe I did win the lottery after all. And I didn’t even have to buy a ticket!

all that, and these fancy headbands!




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