happy bday, dr. seuss/ horton hears a “WHO IS OUT OF BED AGAIN!?”

by humanmama on March 1, 2012

Friday, they say,
is Dr. Seuss’s birthday
and even though him I adore:
his books are quite long, and they read in singsong,
and at night that’s a thing I abhor.

My kids like to read,
and anything else,
just some things they can do to stall bed;
and although reading’s great
it’s bedtime I hate–
(I’d like to be resting, instead.)

Kids seem to know
their parents love them so,
and thus they go over and above–
they stall and they fuss,
the parents want to cuss
‘cuz bed is a thing that we love.

If–oh!–just one day
my young kids to me say
“dear mother, it’s just for the best
today we’ll do chores,
and all things that bore,
while you can just lay down and rest.”

I think that they might,
one day far away,
they might let me get in a nap.
But this–mark my words!–will likely be when
when I’ll want them to sit in my lap!

By then they’ll be grown,
and I’ll miss them so,
and they’ll maybe text me or call;
And that’ll be the time I stop those new moms and yell
“Don’t sleep! It’s the best time of all!”

Through the screams of their kids
they’ll try to look strong,
and knowingly they’ll try to smile,
but deep down inside
they just cannot hide
they’ll think “Geez, that lady’s senile.”

Thanks Dr. Seuss!! But couldn’t you have made some shorter books?


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