don’t worry, be happy mon

by humanmama on December 23, 2012

It’s almost here! And, don’t worry. You’re prepared.

Will Grandma Josephine notice if you didn’t hand-knit her a scarf? Nope. Will your sister really mind if you didn’t get her that sweater she’s been lusting over for months? Nah. What about Uncle Jim–what if you don’t even know what to get him? I suggest a funny photo from when you were a kid and sitting in his lap. Maybe put it in a frame.

It’s almost Christmas. And, no matter your religion, it’s a season about giving and loving and being together. And that’s such a great thing! It’s not about gifts, even though the retail market would go totally NUTS if people remembered that. It’s not about “THE PERFECT $10 SWEATER!!” or “LAST MINUTE GIFTS HERE!” That’s not it at all.

It’s about sitting in the dark on Christmas Eve (or, Christmas Eve-Eve), tree lights lit, and hugging your dog. Or your spouse. Or your kids. Or yourSELF. It’s about another year over (!) and a new one (almost) begun. It’s about: WAIT A MINUTE! We all made it past 12/21/12! The world didn’t end! We’re alive! WE’RE ALIIIIVE HAHAHahahaha!

Go ahead. Make a big deal about it. You’re alive. Maybe not for much longer (really–because, who knows?). And you’re here. Does it matter if your annoyed by your family? Or if you didn’t have $800 per person to spend? Just grab a cookie, sit down, relax, and smile. Really smile! Even if it doesn’t make  you feel better, at least people will be curious about what you’re up to.

Merry Christmas! Here’s to many more!

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