don’t sweat the small stuff

by humanmama on May 5, 2011

Not crazy....yet...

Being a parent, or should I say, being an extremely irritated parent, comes down to the little things. Because, like all parents, when the big stuff comes up, I can totally come through if someone falls and scrapes their knee. Or gets her feelings hurt at school. It’s the same principal when a daughter calls home to be picked up from a party where her friends are drunk, the parent isn’t mad, and does come to get them, and does not yell at her like she thought they would. Parents are irritable, maybe, but they sure come through in the tight spots.


It’s not the big drunken-party moments that get to you. Nor is it even the my kid-shoved-his-sister-in-the-face moments, because even when we’re at our worst as mommies and daddies sometimes (sometimes) we can get it together in time not to yell but to say something ingenious, like “I know you’re frustrated, but you hurt your sister and now you need to check on her. We’ll talk about what to do when you’re frustrated later.” (SOMEtimes.)

No, it’s the little, ongoing, tiny things that happen day in and day out that really get to you, eat away at your mental health and sanity, and parenting skills, and life. All the little pick pick picky things, laundry, dishes, “Mommmmyyyy, she took my–…” One at a time it’s really nothing. But thing on top of thing for days, and weeks, and years…well, it’ll eat away at even the most stoic personality until they’re sitting alone in their minivan, Lady Gaga cranked all the way up, chewing on their nails and wondering what happened to their former self.

Not like I’m sitting in the van right now.

Really I’m not.

Well, you’ll never know, will you?

Anyway, I’m asking you to read this and laugh, and get me through my tough times. And maybe, just maybe, I can get you through yours someday.


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Becky Loughney May 5, 2011 at 9:37 pm

Aj, just wanted to wish you a early Happy Mothers Day. You such a great friend and I so enjoy reading your blog.


aj May 6, 2011 at 6:00 pm

I so enjoy you reading my blog!!! Thank you! Happy mother’s day to you!!


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