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by humanmama on October 26, 2011

The thing about wanting to have more than two kids, for me, is this:

I want to have more than two kids. I spoke with many other women about their number of children, and they always said “I knew I wasn’t done during the last pregnancy, but this time? I know I’m done.” And they can definitively say, okay, this is the last time I’ll be pregnant, and the last time I’ll nurse a baby. This is the last time I’ll do that whole newborn rigamarole again.

And I don’t feel like that yet. I don’t feel like I’m done.

But I feel like I want to remain sane. And that probably means being done.

I don’t want my daughters to say [and this is probably while they’re visiting me in the home], “remember how after us she was so cool? But then when little [Frankenstein] arrived? And she was so crazy? And she never got sane again? Well, that is why I only want to have one child.”

Pittsburgh is a little on the more kids side. I’ve lived in places where 1, or 2 kids was pretty standard. 3 was pretty much “oh, whoops….” But maybe because there are so many Catholic people and Catholic families in Pittsburgh, there are more families with more kids here. I guess if you were raised as one of 12 then having 3 or 4 seems like hardly any kids at all.

Also, maybe if we made more money. Why is a baby so expensive? Hospital bills alone are insane, and then comes after… Helena was a champion nurser but Lilly never took to it, and then had reflux, so add to costs already on the rise: formula, rice cereal, prescription reflux meds, and it starts to get pretty crazy. See diagram.

I know of many women right now who are in my same state. I was just visiting friends who have 4 kids, all grown now, and lots of grandkids. Their last child (age 24) just got married, and now everyone comes over Sunday nights, eats, chats, watches the game and hangs out. It’s awesome.

But I do wonder how sane that mom was when her kids were little. I’m sure it was not a pretty sight from about noon to midnight every day.

Sigh. What about you? 1? 2? 3 children? More? Or are you so done with the whole thing? Or do you just have cats?

I’m thinking dogs would have been the way to go. You can put them in their crates and no one will arrest you if you leave them overnight. I gotta go give the kids some fresh bowls of water, come to think of it.

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Mrs Dzo October 27, 2011 at 10:20 am

If I could grow the child in a fishbowl and hire someone to take the first 4 months, I’d be all over having a ton of kids. Hubby and I are going to shoot for 2, but I’m already dreading the idea of being preggers and doing this newborn crap again…I’m a wuss.


aj October 27, 2011 at 2:47 pm

no…not a wuss. Just smart. Who ever decided the woman should be pregnant every time, anyway??!


Maria October 27, 2011 at 6:56 pm

I want 6. Husband wants 2. I’ve talked him up to 3, hoping we’ll land on 4 (my opening bid was high, but don’t tell him that – I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read your blog).

We also have a side deal going where we just keep having kids until we have at least one boy and one girl. He’s hoping we’ll end up with 2. I’m hoping it backfires and we end up with 3 or 4 girls and 1 boy. Then again, it could really backfire and we’ll be Cheaper-by-the-Dozen-ing it all the way too the poorhouse.


Andrea October 28, 2011 at 12:46 am



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