children are scary

by humanmama on September 17, 2011

Some people think children are scary. My sister is one of those people. Until I had children she thought they were like ants: swarming, and scary and just something to be feared.

And then I had kids, and now she loves them.

That didn’t happen overnight. Over the course of a lot of years and days and nights, and babysitting (for free, good sister) she realized some important things about kids:

1) they do what you want them to do. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE when trying to get them to listen. But it is true when I’m saying that you can mold them. If you don’t want them to be racist, you can teach them about other people and they won’t even consider being racist.
2) they really, really love their parents. Even children who are being abused love their parents, so imagine that if you feed them and water them and just do the BASIC not abusing , they’ll love you, and if you try your hardest to be a good parent, which most people do, they’ll totally adore you.
3) You can hardly go wrong if you just try your best. Even when you make mistakes, your kids are mostly like dogs, and they’ll come running back when you apologize. Not when you “crate train” them, so don’t get too into the dog-metaphor. But really, they know when you’re doing your best.

So my sister and brother in law began to love the kids. And then they began to entertain the idea of having kids, and then they got pregnant. And now they’re due in 2 weeks, and we’re all so excited. Because here you go: how could you resist them? You can’t go wrong. Eventually they’ll be the best thing you ever did.

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