cheese and whine

by humanmama on June 3, 2011

I read something that said whining is healthy.

Just kidding.

I was taking a shower yesterday morning when I decided to tally the interruptions from kids. I took an 11-minute shower, and I was stopped six times by one of the kids coming in, crying and/or whining about something: “sheee hit meeee,” “she gott-a MY books,” etc. (Yes, Lilly whines in an Italian accent). I thought to myself, that means I’m getting approx. 100 seconds of shower time by myself until one of the children comes in. But hey, at least I get 100 seconds, right?

The important thing about being a parent is seeing it as temporary, as I’ve mentioned before. Positively fleeting. And another important thing is repeating to yourself over and over the phrase “One day I’ll miss this.”

Another important thing is good friends you can vent to, and perhaps some wine.

Where’s the wine, honey? I already have the whine.

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