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food revolution

April 11, 2013

When I first began life as a mommy, I realized that there are a lot of kind-of gross things out there to feed your kids. Formula, like I mentioned, is not all it’s cracked up to be. But, unfortunately, not all of us can or want to breastfeed until eternity, so it’s a necessity. But […]

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the best valentine’s day gift

January 27, 2013

Well, since it’s almost February, and we’re almost all well (!), I was thinking about Valentine’s day. What do you get for the people you love? It’s hard. Nowadays everyone pretty much has what they need (or more). And how many ways can chocolates or flowers say “I love you?” I guess that depends on […]

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Julie Kulbago Photography and the most gorgeous baby

August 16, 2012

So, I keep running into people who say “Number three, eh?! I bet there aren’t any pictures of this one yet!” But wait–there are! Yes, I am the Best Mom Ever. Nah, actually, not at all–but I have a secret: I know Julie Kulbago. Long, long ago, as the legend goes, when Carpenter was just […]

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summer fun… “flour magic”

August 15, 2012

Okay, something fun to do in those last weeks before school… 1. ) Mix 1/2 cup baby oil to 4 cups regular flour (unbleached was used here… Not sure how good whole wheat would work. You might need more oil for whole wheat). (For today, I used 8 cups flour for 3 kids.) 2. ) […]

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banana-only ice cream!

August 11, 2012

I have a seee-cret. It’s something so yummy. Ever since I had Benji I crave nothing but sweets and junk food (temporary–I know. Adjusting to nursing again), and so I’m trying to find not-so-bad-for-you alternatives to eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag. And I stumbled upon something great. Something sweeeet. Banana Ice Cream. […]

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“50 things” summer to-do list

June 30, 2012

Well, now that it’s officially the end of June and summer is well on it’s way, you might very well be settling into the summer blahs of “what do I do nowwwww Mommyyyy?!” and, even worse, “I’m borrreddd.” My friend and neighbor, arguably the coolest mom ever, has done a list for a long time […]

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AJ’s best, awesomest, most super-amazing jello playdough recipe

February 2, 2012

It’s the dog days of winter, folks, or it usually is at this time of year, and I’ve gotten three requests in the last week for play dough recipies because people need something to do. This is the absolute best play dough I’ve made at home–a great texture, and a great smell, too! This is […]

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thanksgiving decorations

November 21, 2011

Okay, I love Thanksgiving. Actually, putting aside the craziness (if you can), I love all the holidays this time of year. Fall, and pumpkins, and apple cider leading into cinnamon and cookies and turkey and thanksgiving–not to mention the absolute present-love-fest that is Christmas. Don’t think “GREED!” Think: love. We all love our people, and […]

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September 27, 2011

I think I was sorely in need of a good shaking when I became a mother. No one told me that after I was pregnant I’d have to do [most] everything by myself. People smile at a pregnant woman when she enters a restaurant, when she waddles into the bathroom, when she boards a plane. […]

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September 12, 2011

Well, since I put it on here (see pink box at right), and since I blab about it on email and facebook, you might know that I’ve been nominated for Best All Around Mom’s Blog on Parents Magazine’s Best Blog Awards. So exciting!! I’m not at 30,000 readers per month, but I’m working on it! […]

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