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by humanmama on July 5, 2011

Helena’s 5 now, and saying funny things all the time. Also, saying a lot of things that sound uncannily like me, most of which I don’t like at all. It’s very eye-opening to be yelling at your child for doing something when you suddenly realize–that’s just what I do. [Cue Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.”]

5-year-olds so far seem to be very into “firsts,” as in “this was mine first,” and “I got here first.” I picture her having a career at ESPN or some other sports-network, where arguing about who is first could actually be a career.

2-year-olds don’t care so much about who is first, unless a sibling brings it up. Then, although they don’t understand a lick of why it would be important, you better believe they’ll scream and debate and cry to get their way, the unintelligible, hysterical rantings of  “NO, I WAS FIRST [even though we all know I was actually NOT first]!!!” I picture her having a career as a politician.

It’s terrible when they’re yelling at each other, or sassing other kids, even, and I realize that’s just what I say, that’s just how I say it. “No,” Helena will say, then, “grrr.” I tend to growl when I don’t want to yell or swear. And instead of yelling or swearing, instead they both growl. Great.

My dog growls too. I picture her having a career as a mother.

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Holly July 6, 2011 at 8:42 pm

Sounds like you have two little future lawyers on your hands…


Emily July 11, 2011 at 11:24 pm

Growling is awesome! Ethan repeats things I say all the time and most of the time I don’t like it either!


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