bunk beds

by humanmama on March 19, 2012

This weekend Carpenter made the girls bunk beds. They are huge, and really amazing, and crazy amounts of fun.

If you are under the age of six.

And if you are not your mother. Because for me, they are quickly becoming the bane of my existence.

Right now I’m listening to thumps and bumps from upstairs. It’s currently 9:45 pm, which means that child #1 is only an hour and 45 minutes past her bedtime, while child #2 is two and a half hours beyond hers.

I want to love them but when I wake up with them at 6am and it’s almost 10pm and every. waking. moment of the day has been spent with the children, they do begin to wear on one’s nerves. Oh, my. If only I had a bottle of chloroform, or some mild (but safe!) sedative I could slip them.

Don’t say Benadryl, they’ve already had it for rashes and it has the exact opposite effect on my children.

Tomorrow I’m waking them at 5am and forcing them to do hard labor until they pass out at 7pm. That is, if I can stay awake that long.


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