breathe deeply

by humanmama on September 8, 2013

It’s back to school time! But, if you have kids, you already know that. Since, you’ve either been getting ready or getting back or getting ready for other kids to get back since the beginning of August. Here we have a grade-schooler and a pre-schooler and a no-schooler and it’s just exhausting. But being a person with maybe just a touch of an as-yet-undiagnosed adult ADHD, I really love a schedule. I love getting up at the same time every day. (Which is not to say I don’t wish it were later. But I don’t mind it.) I love doing the same thing on a daily basis. I love that lunchtime doesn’t meander towards dinner and that at about 8pm all the kids are exhausted.

Especially that last one.

The summer was good. But it’s schooltime now. The time for stay-at-homers to have some help with planning. The time for working mothers to feel the crushing guilt as they try to sign up for parties and field trips so they don’t feel like they are missing it while they provide for their families. The moms I know (okay, okay. And some dads too…) are just out of their heads with the TO DO lists of the school year. Even the home-schooling mothers. So much going on at this time of year, not to mention that we are in the downward slope of the year’s rollercoaster, plunging towards the holidays again.

It seems like everyone hasn’t taken a breath since last Monday.

So here I sit, urging you to take just one deep breath and really relax into it. Do that thing where you stretch your neck left and right and just feel that deeeeeep breath fill up your lungs. (If youi reallllly want to, you can get up and try to touch your toes and the ceiling.) Do you know we only use 20% of our lung capacity? Okay I made that up. But if you take one deep breath, you’ll see that we really don’t use all that, and it’s probably because we’re just too busy making lunches and wiping bums and running out the door to really breathe. So since this is nighttime, and your kids should be in bed (or at least not bothering you for a second) go ahead and just fill ‘er up. Your lungs, that is. Breathhhhhhe.

Nice, right? And that’s my gift to you tonight. A tiny bit of relaxation.

Now, get back to work. But don’t forget to breathe.


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