boy or girl?

by humanmama on February 23, 2012


That got your attention, I bet! We still won’t know ’til tomorrow, but I thought I’d give you a list of what is the same/different about this pregnancy for me, so far. That way when you make your bets, you’ll be educated!

With both girls I threw up and was very nauseated. The first was the worst, by the time I was pregnant with Lilly I only threw up 1-2 times per week or so, with a lot of close calls. With this pregnancy I only threw up twice the entire time, and, to be fair, I think I had the stomach flu one of those times. I also don’t feel nauseous very often–even when I don’t eat for a long time or when I wake up–although I do still have that sense of urgency that I better eat soon or else. I do however feel motion sick all the time–24 hours per day. Like being seasick, with a lump in your throat, all the time. Yum.

I eat like a teenage boy. With the other two I didn’t crave sweets, really, not until the end. And I wanted a lot of citrus. With my oldest I ate lemons–so many lemons that they wore the enamel off my teeth and for a while my teeth felt like sandpaper. But with this pregnancy, I eat everything. I feel like Chris Farley on SNL:


I still want oranges, but I really want Mexican. And Thai. And Italian. And hamburgers. I wake up wanting nachos from Houlihan’s, and I go to bed wanting McDonald’s french fries. I’m not kidding–it’s not homemade, either, it’s all fast food and gross. I have no idea why. I have no desire at all to cook, even to make healthful means for my family, since all I want to do is eat, sleep, and eat some more. I am tired all the time. I’m irritable too. Wait– this pregnancy is actually turning me into a teenage boy. Hmm. Seriously, I’ve never eaten like this in my life. I’m out at dinner, eying Carpenter’s plate for once, saying to him “You gonna eat that, or what?”

Wait–I might be turning into him.

No problems with coffee smell, or brushing my teeth, as usual, and although I feel different this time, I also felt different last time, too. It goes with what they say, that no pregnancy is alike. Nope, they’re all like little snowflakes, individual and unique.

Uniquely gross.

So, what do you think!? Tomorrow morning I’ll be posting whether Baby Numero Tres is a Shaniqua or a Gavin. And, no, those aren’t my real names, either.

Or are they?


If they were boys, they could have been "Geraldo" and "Montel"

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hollyweasel February 23, 2012 at 2:57 pm

Totally a girl. :)


Jess February 23, 2012 at 3:00 pm

I still stand by my girl prediction; however…I’ll put her weight around my second, 12 pounds. This pregnancy of yours sounds awful familiar to me… :)


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