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by humanmama on February 27, 2012

Well, we’re having a baby boy. Unless they were mistaken. Which the Ultrasound Tech assured me she was not. So, baby boy it is.

Boys are so many things. And I want to think about all the positive things, and not the teenage boys from high school, or the houligans from my childhood neighborhood. In middle school there were twin boys who shared the bus stop with me, and they spent the time waiting for the bus by slowly bending the mailbox flags up and down, up and down, until the metal gave way and they fell off. Then they’d put the mailbox flag into the mailbox.

But boys are also special. They’re fun. They can be (at the moment, still the only gender who can be) president. Or work on a submarine (my stepbrother did this, and they do not allow women). They can go for their entire lifetime without ever having to have a period, or be pregnant, or to through menopause.

Lucky bastards.

There’s a lot to love about boys. But I want to feel like my loving a little boy doesn’t take away from my loving of my girls. Or that my love for my girls doesn’t impact the love I’ll feel for him. No competition, no “Daddy’s little girls” and “Mommy’s boy.”

Also, there have been so many people who tell me “Oh! Good! A boy! Now you can stop, right?” As in, stop having children. Because that’s what we obviously wanted. And I think, nah, we’re going to try for 6 more girls. I know people mean no harm, but it’s very interesting. A lot of people also say, “I bet your husband is thrilled,” and I feel the need to tell them “Well, he’s not your typical I need a SON sort of guy. He’s just happy we’re having another baby.” (And I don’t say that he’s just happy this is going to be the last one.)

I am happy to be having a boy. I think it’ll give our family some great character. We have 3 strong willed and wonderful women here, and even the dog is a girl, and I’m sure in a few years it’ll be great to have a strong willed and wonderful little boy thrown into that mix. The only things I’m really hoping for are that we can raise a great man, one who respects women and men alike. One who is smart and strong but also sensitive and loving. And one who’s not afraid to make waves. And one who’s not afraid to let himself cry. Or to work. Or to read. Or to love.

In the meantime, I just need a boy who doesn’t mind wearing bibs that say “Big sister,” or “Little sister.” Because, lordy, have we got a lot of those.

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charles cameron March 2, 2012 at 3:35 pm

daughters, and sons, are gifts from God.

grand kids are pretty cool too!!!


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