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by humanmama on October 4, 2012

Well, it’s two-and-a-half months into having a new baby, and things are going pretty good. A lot (a LOT) of people said it’d be tough. They mentioned that having the third will rock your world, so to speak, and in a way that’s true. In a way, I look at these three little people and think “Wow. We did it. What an amazing achievement.” And, in a way, I look at myself in a mirror and think “What the hell was I thinking…” It’s definitely not boring, I tell ya.

Having three is a lot like having two, except that you have a whole other person. There are so many things to keep track of around here. And I’m not only talking feedings and lack of sleep and which kid has bathed this week, no, I’m talking who gets Nutella sandwich and who gets PB&J, are vitamin-D supplements really necessary?, whose school gets out at 11:30, who gets out at 3:30, how often does he nurse for you?, which PTA meeting am I missing, when does Read-A-Thon begin, homework, Well-Child visits, bills that need to be paid, housework that needs to get done, who grew out of which size and that’s just in one day. I often say to Carpenter in my loving way, “If I died you’d be totally screwed,” and he often admits “Yes, I would be.” It’s not love, people, it’s merely paperwork.

Oh okay, love too.

My aunt (my great-aunt) who had six kids, says that having kids now is different. It’s harder. It’s more expensive. And while I tend to think that she’s probably playing to my ego, I do agree. There are so many things you could do now, paired with so many things you have to do, as well as the things you need to protect your kids from, that it seems having a handful of kids and letting them play outside until dinner time is a thing of the past. There’s a lot required of kids, nowadays, and a lot that’s required of moms, too. And it’s a lot to keep track of. They were right.

But still, in the end, when he asked me why I wanted one more baby last year, I always told Carpenter, “It’s not for now, it’s for thirty-five years from now.” And he knows I’m right. Because one day I’ll think I’m bored. But probably not in the next decade or two.

No time to be bored, Ma! I just lost a tooth!

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