by humanmama on March 13, 2017

It was a crazy day over here! Maybe it was a case of the Mondays. Maybe it was the day-after-daylight-savings-time-effect. Maybe it was tired kids who went away with dad this weekend (2) or irritable kids who didn’t get to go away with dad this weekend (2). Whatever it was, today was difficult.

In the van this morning after a rough go, on the way up the hill, the couple of blocks to school which we could DEFINITELY walk to if we left in time, I did what I always do. I said to the kids, “Okay, it was a rough morning. But there are GREAT things about today. Let’s see if we can name some.” I asked the kids and got silence, so I threw a few out there to whet their imaginations: it’s sunny right now! You get to see your friends today at school and tell them about your weekend! The talent show is this week!

And you know what? My kids perked right up. They smiled, they agreed it was going to be a great day, and they left the car with positive attitudes.

No I’m kidding. They each (even the one who can’t really talk yet) offered nothing. They glared out the window. They said “there’s NOTHING good about this day.” And when we pulled up to the school they said “‘bye” and went to race out the van door. “I LOVE YOU!” I said, and they blushed, both girls, because if they don’t give me a kiss before they leave the car in the morning they know what will happen. I’ll roll down the windows and yell out in front of all their friends “Lilly! Helena! WE LOVE YOU!!! WE LOVE YOU SWEET GIRLS! MOMMY LOVES YOU SOOO MUCH! BOYS GO AHEAD AND TELL THEM WE LOVE THEM!!” as they try to walk into school. I’m not above blackmail. So they lean back in to kiss me, hastily, and run out the door.

It wasn’t a good day. But I went out there and spread some love. Even if it was hastily received and partly due to blackmail. And you know what? That’s the best I can do today.

Go out and do the same. Spread some love. Smear it around. Try blackmail. It works.


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