bit my tongue

by humanmama on April 5, 2013

Today the baby but his tongue for the first time. I know it was the first time because he’s only had teeth for a month or two, and he’s only begun standing and clinging on to things this last two weeks. And, he’s just begun to pull himself up to standing by himself this week. And therefore, he’s only just started to fall onto his face, unassisted, today.

Poor baby.

All I could say was “…but you bit your own tongue! With your own teeth!!” It’s a shame when you don’t even have the kind of mother than can keep her mouth shut and just baby you when you’re hurt. Nope, I have to still be pointing out why this was actually a good thing.

But, I like that about me. Even when times are rough you’ll mostly find me over there, in the action, cheering “We’re AL-MOST THERE!” And although I’m sure my kids will find this infuriating about me in a matter of years (months), I hope they take it with them throughout their lives.

Life is hard. Find the good and it’s not so rough. It won’t stop for your pity party, so have one if you need to and then move on. Don’t sit around blaming other things for what’s happening that’s bad. Find a way to make it better. And it’s okay to cry, good, healthy even. But after that find your strength and move on. Otherwise there are situations in life when you might not move on. And you need to move on. Life keeps moving, time marches on, and you need to too.

Or else you’ll be stuck in your memories. And those people? They are not happy people. Or healthy people.

I think it’s already working. I’ll still be your shoulder–use me for crying on, kids. But them use that same shoulder to help pull you back onto your feet again.




Okay. I think I’m better.

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dad April 11, 2013 at 9:38 pm

well done
well said


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