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by humanmama on February 26, 2013

My father-in-law has been in the hospital this month, and it’s really got me thinking. About what we’re capable of, as people, and about what we think we’re capable of, which are usually two totally different things. I don’t watch it a lot, but if you ever have watched even one episode of The Biggest Loser, you’ll see someone being pushed to their physical limits. And when it’s all over? Always, always, they say “I didn’t think I could do it! But I can! And if I can do ____, anything is possible.

And that’s true. In one of my most famous favorites, Henry Ford is quoted as saying  “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” It takes hard work but if you’re willing to venture out and try, you can do whatever you want. You can! You can succeed. You can thrive. You can get smarter, thinner, richer, in better shape–if you only try. You can get healthy–even cancer patients have gotten better or improved their symptoms through practicing regular meditation.

Here in the [imagine me saying this in a good-old-boy country accent right now] Good Ol’ U-S-of-A, we’re into medication, not meditation. And it’s funny, as a country that makes such a big stink about Christian values so often, because you’d think that we’d be praying and putting ourselves in a prayerful posture more. Which is also known as meditation. Scary, I know. Dirty hippies and all that. But really, take a moment to think about it. If you put out negative energy, the universe (or Satan, or Karma, or whatever you believe) picks up on that. Feel like bad things keep happening to you? Try sitting down for 45 minutes and praying or meditating on something. Every day. For three months. You know what? That thing you put out there into the ether will be being worked on–by you, by God, by the forces that be–and it will get better. As long as you keep doing it. Yoga is meditation, too, mindfully turning inward. So prayer, yoga, visualization, meditation–wow. Our ancestors really knew what they were doing. [Sometimes, anyway.] Now if only we listened

Getting healthy in body and mind is a process, so if you meditate and pray like I diet NO, IT WON’T WORK! Two days of eating kale chips for lunch and I usually say “I’VE TRIED EVERYTHING AND I’LL NEVER LOSE THE WEIGHT!” But if I worked out a little every single day? And if I stopped eating chocolate chips on a peanut butter spoon every two hours? Well then I might just get in better shape. And the same holds true with prayer/meditation: do it every day and it will happen for you. Ford also said “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals,” so the trick is to not take your eyes off your goals!

I’m going to post a video that’s so inspiring, it’s been on my mind this whole month. If this guy can do it, you can do it. I can do it. My father-in-law can do it. And every single tomorrow could be better than today. Like Henry Ford said, “One of the greatest discoveries a person makes, one of their great surprises, is to find they can do what they were afraid they couldn’t do.”  Go forth, my friend, and build me a Model T. Or whatever that Model T is in your life. You can do it.

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Corey February 26, 2013 at 7:34 pm

love this!! thank you AJ!!


aj March 4, 2013 at 4:45 pm

You’re welcome!! Thank you for reading :)


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