being five

by humanmama on January 18, 2012


Being five is many things.

It’s having a little bit of responsibility. Just enough to make you feel special. Like that you can make your own bed. But also that you don’t have to. Unless your mom tells you.

It’s being expected to know right from wrong, but getting some reprieve if you don’t always. If it’s being an older sibling, It means having to do more than your parents will probably expect your younger sibling to do at age 5.

It’s being healthy and strong. Hopefully. God willingly.

It’skindergarten, which, because hindsight is 20/20, can seem hard. Harder than preschool. But, in first grade, seems like a cake walk. And all the years that follow.

It’s  definitely thinking things are unfair. Biased. But at the same time, being happy that some things are done for you. It’s not realizing how many things actually are done for you.

Being five is many things. Being a mother to a five is also many things. Mostly, pride. Also a little exhaustion.

What do you remember about being five?


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