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by humanmama on December 15, 2011

In my last post, I reminded us all to remember how good we have it. But if you’re contemplating children, I must divulge to you two things:
0ne, they’re amazingly wonderful. You’re life is never the same.

two, you’d better be ready for things to change.

I wrote many times before what a hysterical laugh it must be for God to listen to folks say their lives won’t change after they have children. “We plan to just keep on living our lives,” friends have told me, “this baby won’t change too much of that.” HA! I love when people say that. I can now keep my sarcastic chuckle in check when I hear this, and just adoringly gaze upon them, eyes in wonderous astonishment, that they must have found the secret. They always love this adoration, and lavish in it. “Yes,” they tell me, “I know our lives will change, but it doesn’t mean we’ll be different people.”

Um, yes it does. You better believe it. If caring for someone else in every sense of the world so their very life depends on you, the life that you yourself created in your own womb or had another womb carry or that you put your entire stake on by adopting, doesn’t change your life? Well, then, fella, we must be living different lives.

One thing I have had to get used to? My kids are 5 and 2 and I haven’t slept through the night more than a handful of times since I was 7 months pregnant with the first. I wake up all the time to check on them, if they cough or yell in their sleep. I wake up to listen to the silence, and of course, I wake up to pee. That might just be part of getting older, but it’s definitely different than when I was twenty-something and sans children.

Another thing: cheese. You had better like to clean up when you have children. Or, alternatively, you had better like a mess. Because it will happen, mark my words. Even to the most organized. And if you stay at home yes, it’s true, your life might feel like one big spring cleaning session, with chauffeuring and sleeping, eating, and cooking to interrupt the Big Clean, but each and every morning you go back to square one. It’s never done. Lilly is obsessed with cheese, and I often take photos of cheese I find here and there, just for a record.

cheese on the bed: definitely Colby Jack.


cheese on the couch: maybe string?








But there’s things you can never be ready for. When you’re getting your kids ready to drop at Grandma’s house and they hug you and independently say “I lothes you mommy,” which is lispeese for “I love you, mommy.” Or when they call you in the night and just want to be held. When they look for you after falling and getting hurt, or after a great triumph. There’s things that life hasn’t prepared you for yet, and even when they get to you, you won’t be ready. Amazing highs. Incredible lows. Frustration and love like you’ve never felt: sometimes at the same time. Yeah, they’ll change your life, kids will.

Just try and be ready.

Yes that's a chinchilla.

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