be patient, be patient, don’t be in such a hurry…

by humanmama on July 24, 2011

This is a good thing to keep in mind for the end of summer, which seems to be upon us. I don’t want to push the issue, but did you notice that it’s already kind-of the end of July? Amazing. Where does the time go? This begins the avalanche of the rest of the year.

Ever since I became a gardener, I’ve felt that the calendar year was like a constant roller-coaster. This feeling is really exacerbated as a parent. That first hill, I mean, of a really tall roller-coaster. Where January through March was that loooong sloooow climb up the hill, and then April-June was when you reach the top, and then there’s the very beginning when the cars are pulling themselves over the hill and it begins to move fast, which is June-August, and then BOOM! You’re racing at top speed through September, October, November, and December, and then



Neck pain!

There you are, back at the bottom, and that “click-click-click” starts up again, and you’re slooowly climbing up, up, up through January, February, and March.

So here’s a little painting, it looks like a needlepoint but it’s actually a painting, that my great Grandpa (the first man ever to work for Henry Ford Motor Company for 50 years) painted toward the end of his life. Enjoy it, and remind yourself to enjoy the ride, too. In fact, put your arms up over your head and yell. Go on. I won’t tell.

if you are/impatient/you'll only start to worry

The Hurrier I go, the Behinder I get



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