banana-only ice cream!

by humanmama on August 11, 2012

I have a seee-cret. It’s something so yummy. Ever since I had Benji I crave nothing but sweets and junk food (temporary–I know. Adjusting to nursing again), and so I’m trying to find not-so-bad-for-you alternatives to eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag. And I stumbled upon something great. Something sweeeet.

Banana Ice Cream. Well, actually, processed frozen bananas. And it’s so good! Especially, um, if you like bananas. Which I do.

So, first, get a few bananas (maybe one per person?) and cut them into slices (1-2 inches each). Freeze them for 3+ hours or overnight.


…and then you put the pieces in the food processor and chop chop chop…

…and then you get out the ice cream scooper and scoop into bowls.

Do it! Fast! And make sure you eat it quickly (i.e. “what happens to bananas that sit out after you’ve pureed them and they thaw? Answer: they turn into slime!”). Eat them frozen! In fact, you might want to refreeze the food-processed bananas for an hour or so before you serve (I’ll play with this and let you know).

Then…taa-daaa! Here you go! You have a delicious and wonderful treat that is actually a vegetarian and vegan “banana  ice cream”! Serve it up with a little chocolate sauce (and …maybe peanuts on top?) and it’s delicious. And creamy! And healthy! Enjoy!


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Alcides September 10, 2012 at 1:54 am

Even better – peel AND slice the bnanaas, makes it easier if you have a single serving blender. I have one of these every day but add in a cup or so of frozen spinach, which makes it look super green but (I promise!) doesn’t add any spinachy taste. Surefire way to prevent your kids from stealing it!


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