bad guys

by humanmama on June 20, 2016

There are a lot of bad guys in the world. More now than ever, it seems. On the news, in politics, in the movies, …we’re not even talking about dark alleys. It seems like everyone has an angry, judgy version of themselves and it seems so hard for folks these days to stop. To take a tiny time-out and say “wait. This person is also a human being. Should I say this to them?”

I’ve been talking about bad guys to my kids a bit recently. I read an article that said you should teach your kids to scream “WHO ARE YOU?!” if they’re being taken from a store or something. “WHO ARE YOU? WHERE’S MY MOM? I DON’T KNOW YOU!” (It’s so scary to think about but it’s true, in fact, if I heard a four-year-old crying and kicking at someone I’d just assume he was throwing a tantrum.) And there’s been a burglar in our neighborhood lately, so we talk about locking the doors. And there’s Donald Trump, so we talk about saying polite and kind things to people and not saying hurtful things which we can’t ever really take back.

The girls have lots of opinions on bad guys, what to do, who to go to. Where to run. What to scream. They are learning what’s polite and what’s wrong, what’s rude and what’s appropriate. They’re learning how to identify bad guys but also how to not become one of the bad guys.

Elliott is blissfully unaware of the bad guys. May that remain for some time.

But Benji had his own reaction. When we were in the car and we were talking about what we’d do if someone ever hurt his sisters, he said: “I WOULD PUNCH HIM RIGHT IN THE CROTCH!” And although it may not have been right, I didn’t discourage that, not one little bit. It’s definitely not the right response in the world. But that’s just what you want to hear from your little brother.
"I've got your back"

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