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by humanmama on October 4, 2011

My sister had a baby.

It’s strange to say. It’s strange to see her, with him, so little. Her hubs is overjoyed, she’s glowing, the baby is absolutely fantastic and incredible. He’s amazing. She’s amazing. BUT–do you know where babies come out of? Dear me, it was traumatic.

I have two children. I should have known.

It’s strange. Because of the Code of the Secret Society of Women Who Don’t Tell You How Bad It Actually Is Until You Do It, bearing children is not spoken about. I mean, actually, it is spoken about, and people talk and talk and talk about what happens, and what is supposed to happen, and what can go wrong, but then when you’re in labor (or “in your birthing time”) you are suddenly hit with the awareness that it is much, much different than all those books said. It’s like a cult, and after you have a baby you drink the Kool-Aid of secrecy. And why?

That's my baby! Oh, wait. I mean, my sister's baby. But I still love him.

Mostly, because all those books are written by people who have children. So of course they think that no matter how terrible it is (“And it IS terrible! Ha ha, wink wink!”), it’s not that bad in the end. Because they love their children in a way that the first time parent cannot possibly know until that baby comes out. And even then, not until later sometimes.

When I was giving birth, I was thinking, I am going to write a book on all the things they do not tell you when you’re pregnant. But did I? No. Because then the species would cease to exist. Also because now, sickly, impossibly, I am one of them.

Those parents that think it actually was worth it. Okay, okay. I drank the Kool-Aid.

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Jessica@Team Rasler October 7, 2011 at 2:45 am

Congratulations on your nephew! And yes, we don’t believe the books and we all think it was worth it. Totally had the Kool-Aid, here, too. : )


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