at it again

by humanmama on March 12, 2017

Dammit. I need to write again.

The thing is, I don’t have the time. I’m tired all the time. Carpenter and I get like maybe 6 hours of sleep a day, at the VERY most, and we are running a construction business as well as raising 4 kids and 2 dogs (I still insist one that’s ours, and one permanent foster dog…). We don’t watch TV anymore, we eat/sleep/breathe the business, and anything extra at all is the kids’ time. It’s not like I have time to write anymore.

But neither do you. You don’t have time to write, or read what I’m writing. You have the things in your life that you do, that you make time for. Maybe 8 hours of sleep (precious sleep!). Maybe friends. Probably work. Maybe just your kids. Maybe your time is spent waiting to adopt a puppy, or playing some sort of war game on the internet. But no one has time, really, and I’m just one of all of you. We all don’t have time together.

The reason I realize I need to write so badly is because everyone needs to hear good news. You need to take a deep breath and say “something good is in this world.” You need to wake fully up and stretch at 6am or whenever your alarm goes off. You need to smile. You need a hug. Or maybe you’re not the hugging kind, that’s okay too. You need something. We all do.

We’re all humans, in this place together. In this country (USA! USA!), no matter what you believe. We’re all humans in this world, too, and that means when someone is hurting, it’s hurting us. Even when we can’t see it. Even when we can’t feel it. It’s hurting the very fabric of what it means to be a person in this world.

Friends, there’s a LOT of hurt in the world right now. Don’t let anger fool you. It’s almost all hurt. Life lesson: anyone who says “I was so PISSED” was really almost always actually so hurt. I’m telling you. Pretty much every single time. Hurt.

So here’s my plea: go out and heal some hurt today. Okay, it’s late. Let’s do it tomorrow morning. How about Monday morning of this week we all go out and heal some hurt. Pay for someone’s meal, or coffee. Give a homeless person something–anything kind–and say “have a good day.” Hug someone! For heaven’s sake. Or kiss someone. Or maybe hi-five someone. (I’m a big hi-fiver.) But please. This very Monday Morning, think of the time in your life when you were hurting the most, and what you wish someone else would’ve done. And instead of feeling let-down or bitter, GO AND DO that healing thing. Find someone who needs it.

Because we all need it. Now go!
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