Ask AJ #7: bad words

by humanmama on September 24, 2011

"Please remain quiet, you ignoramus."

Ask AJ This week comes from D. of Beaver Falls, PA.

D. writes: “AJ, what are your thoughts on this subject: Disney movies are full of words I don’t want my kids to say.”

YESSS! ENOUGH with “stupid” and “shut up” ALREADY!

I can’t stand it. Every single time we rent a movie for the kids to watch, it’s filled with bad words. Words that (while I might use them myself–not around my kids) I would not like me kids to utter, either about themselves, about others, or even about inanimate objects or situations. I can’t stand the words “stupid” and “dumb” and I don’t know why, but Disney and other G-rated movies are positively chock full of those types of words.

Perhaps the people who write the movies are writing for a jaded audience of 12-year-olds, but it is mostly 4-year-olds who are watching. Or maybe younger. And when I rent these movies I am so irritated that throughout the movie I have to say to my children “ooh, he uses bad language! Maybe no one ever taught him that was a naughty thing to say,” etc.

I don’t want my kids using words like stupid, dumb, idiot, jerk, loser, hate, “I’m gonna kill you,” and the like. COME ON! There are better ways to say things without using terrible and commonplace words to accessorize out irritation. If the people who wrote the kids’ movies that we watch got a little creative I would be amazed. It’s like we only know 45 English words and use them interchangeably all the time.

If I was to hear the word “imbecile” come out of my 5-year-old’s mouth, I would be downright impressed. See?! Just get a little creative, people! And they wouldn’t even know what the words mean, since no one uses them. “That was a completely asinine thing to do, Jessie!” I would be delighted, proud even. I mean, yes, I’d still have to warn them about using those words in public, and that we don’t call other people mean names, since we don’t. That should be a courtesy: you don’t use mean names on people or you get in huge trouble. It hurts their feelings.

Besides, it makes you seem like a cretin. A true ignoramus.

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