by humanmama on October 18, 2011

It’s funny how much I used to care about how I looked. Before kids. Before kids.

It’s not that I don’t like to look nice now. I have many friends, perhaps you are one of them, who say “who cares what you look like! Your kids don’t!” I am not totally there, yet. I do like to look nice. I might throw on some foundation, and I do my hair pretty much every day, since it’s short now and you can’t just throw it into a ponytail.

But I don’t care like I used to. And I can tell. When I went to my college reunion this last weekend, I was thinking, do I even have makeup on? Did I even bring makeup? Yes, I did, but not much. And what would looking made-up make me, more successful?

I flipped through the address book of the alumnae from our class. We went to a very small school, maybe 3,000 students at the most, and it wasn’t too tough to look through and remember people from our class of maybe 7 or 800 people. I am sure not all of them were in the book. I noticed a lot of advanced degrees, including everyone I was talking to. I noticed most folks are married, and most folks have kids. That’s very much a part of Western Michigan. But also noticed I don’t live in Western Michigan–but I too am married, and have kids.

And I stay at home. Part of me loves it, and still there will always be a part of me who thinks I should be working, I should be earning, I should be growing my mind and not “just” staying home.

But this weekend I missed my kids, and I really appreciated that we can make it (barely, but yes) with me not working. I’m glad I’m at home (ahh! did I say that out loud??! Okay, I am glad but don’t make me admit it in public), and I don’t even care what it looks like. Remember? Whatever works for you, for your family. And who cares what it looks like to other people?

Now, where did I put my makeup?

still happy.

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Mia Philips cameru January 25, 2012 at 10:44 am

This is especially critical for me as I have young children and finding sitters at the last moment is tough.


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