a love story

by humanmama on June 5, 2012

When Carpenter and I first met, I was with a friend. She had brought me to a Bible study. It was at a very conservative church, and by that I mean that they felt women shouldn’t teach, and that men should really wear the “pants” in a relationship. Literally and figuratively. Although I did not feel drawn to that particular religion, I suddenly felt called to date the guy next to me–a guy who was there with his friend, had been coming there for a few months to find answers. Instead, we found each other. And, is it to cliche to say “It was answer enough”?

We’ve been together ever since. We were friends for a few weeks, maybe a couple of months, before we began dating. At the time it seemed like an eternity–I had always been the “girl next door,” and was always wondering when someone would want me for a change. In high school and college my guy friends would say “you’re the type of girl I can see myself marrying,” and while at the time I blushed with hope and promise, I would realize soon that the statement actually meant “I don’t want to be with you.” I was funny, maybe a little self-deprecating, but I knew I deserved love. Problem was, that “girl next door” thing only attracts men in the movies. In real life, it seems, the (boys) who were mainly attracted to me were a combination of old men, stalkers, or guys no one else would talk to. Not so much my types.

working together to soothe a boo boo

So when Carpenter and I sat next to each other in a Bible Study, and looked through hooded eyes and over Devotional Books at each other, I thought “could this be something real?” And, it turns out, it was.

We have a house. We have a car or two. We have a little family with children. We have a dog. I never dreamed about how my wedding would be as a child, but we did have a dream wedding. When we first began dating he got me flowers almost every time we saw each other. I ran out of vases. Now, it’s an extreme rarity for him to pick up flowers for me. Instead, he picks up one of the kids, and says, “c’mon, help me rake the yard.” We take care of each other, him and I, and it’s not only a good marriage: it’s a great partnership. It’s not always sexy. Actually, these days, it’s not often sexy. But it’s real. And it’s good. And, in the words of Garth Brooks, “Sometimes we fight, just so we can make up!”

Thanks, C, for being such a good partner. And friend. It’s not very romantic, but it’s a real love story. And, my friends? How I hope you all have one of the same.

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hollyweasel June 5, 2012 at 8:31 am

Great story. :) although I am surprised you went to such a place – but maybe meeting C was why! Everything is for a reason.


Katherine June 5, 2012 at 11:24 pm

It’s possible that under different circumstances this post would make me gag, but you’re so honest with both your trials and your successes, that this post warms my heart. You deserve a wonderful spouse–I’m glad you found each other. :)


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