“50 things” summer to-do list

by humanmama on June 30, 2012

Well, now that it’s officially the end of June and summer is well on it’s way, you might very well be settling into the summer blahs of “what do I do nowwwww Mommyyyy?!” and, even worse, “I’m borrreddd.” My friend and neighbor, arguably the coolest mom ever, has done a list for a long time and this summer we’re going to try it too.

The “50 Things” list is a list of every conceivable thing you might want to do this summer. There are so many ideas it’s crazy, and then when your kids say “Mo-mmmmmm” in that whiny voice that you know and love, you can just silently point to the list, maybe help them set something up, and then go back to your wine-drinking, Dr.-Phill-watchin’ day. Or whatever you do :)

Here’s an idea to get you started. Get a piece of posterboard, and plan a good location on the wall to hang it. It should be easily readable from key parts of the home, so we put it in the kitchen or dining room where we spend most of our waking lives. Sit down with the kids, some markers, and some tape, and say “We’re going to make a HUGE LIST of all the fun things to do this summer!!” Entertain all ideas (i.e. saying “Go to Cedar Point” may be something you can’t do every day, but put it on the list if it’s what they want, and plan a day to go). Have them decorate the posterboard, if you wish, and then hang it up.

From now on, the entire summer, if your munchkins say “I am SO BORED,” you have a list of (at least 50–heck, don’t stop there!) things that you can point to and they can do. And this will take some of the summer burden off of you, too! What a win-win. Let me know how it goes–and post comments below of good ideas! I’ll get you started:

*make a picture of your favorite grandparent and mail it to them
*fill up water bottles and have a squirt war (OUTSIDE)
*make AJ’s Awesome, Super Amazing Play Dough
*make a fort outside with all the grody sheets and blankets we can find

Anything fun that takes up more than 2 minutes will do. Happy summer, and now you can go back to watching Dr. Phill. :)

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