March 2014

reasons my son is crying

March 25, 2014

At nineteen months, there are more than enough reasons for a kid to cry. Teething. Growing pains. Inability to communicate one’s true feelings or thoughts. But in the great and hilarious tradition of the blog, which you really must check out if you haven’t (especially if you have a kid or have ever had […]

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you might be a parent if…

March 19, 2014

There are several signs that exist to warn the world that you are, in fact a parent. Which is good, since if those signs were not hovering around you at all times, people would really wonder what the hell happened to you–you, with your mismatched socks. You, with your hair a mess. You, who haven’t […]

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yoga and being naked

March 6, 2014

I thought maybe the title would get your attention. So I began eating better. Also I’ve been exercising 3-5 days/week lately. So hopefully getting healthier all over. But that’s when I noticed the noise of the amazing and gorgeous people around me (usually in the background) getting louder. “What are you doing?” someone will ask […]

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