February 2014

If you don’t want kids, read this

February 26, 2014

Sometimes I’ll be overhearing a conversation between friends (this is also known as eavesdropping) and I’ll listen to one friend say “I don’t think I want kids.” Then, I’ll listen to the other friends (men and women, it doesn’t matter) try to convince (…coerce…bully…) that person into wanting kids. “But kids are so sweeeeeet!” some […]

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things I have been asked before 9am

February 20, 2014

These are the things I have been asked today. And it’s only 9am. This is not in order, just in order that I remember. I have a very short memory these days. 1) Can we have a picnic outside with a picnic basket? 2) Can you wipe my bum? 3) Can I have a cookie? […]

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the leak

February 10, 2014

Do you feel it? There’s so much going ON this time of year. No “big holidays” to push you through it. Just stuff. I am trying to Yogic-Breathe through it, like I mentioned before, but I can’t always do it. Sometimes it crashes over me like a wave, and I feel pulled down into the […]

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