January 2014

this breath

January 30, 2014

WOW it’s been quite a long and cold and snowy winter. And at my count, we’re not really halfway over, yet. (Sorry.) How are you surviving? Let me tell you what, even though the kids have been sick this month and our souls are slowly dying from being stuck inside in near-zero temperatures, I’ve been […]

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family cruise lines

January 28, 2014

It’s like being on a cruise ship. Except, there’s no gorgeous destinations, no oceans, no views. Nope, just me and the family, stuck indoors for days, with intestinal viruses. Not exactly the vacation I’d imagined. It all began last week with 4YO Lilly crying from her perch on the top bunk bed in the girls’ […]

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getting comfortable

January 16, 2014

I was talking to a friend about our high-school selves today. “When I was in the car with a date,” I remembered, “I was so conscious about how my thighs looked, all spread out on the car seat.” We both laughed about the fear, the restless anxiety that others were judging us that took over […]

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be aware that eighteen months old is hell

January 13, 2014

In light of the positive and wonderful fact that I have decided January is Self-Awareness Month, please take this as a warning for your health and mental health: eighteen months of age is the Seventh Level of Parenting Hell. I’m sure that if I die, and St. Peter doesn’t let me through the pearly gates, […]

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january is self-awareness month

January 9, 2014

Hi friends! I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from my last post about being stronger, not “thinner,” for a New Year’s resolution. Several of you sent me links to articles that were amazing, about loving ourselves as we are, or being kind, or accepting others. Thanks for sharing all of that goodness–it’s so great […]

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January 7, 2014

This is a hard time of year for people who have body issues. And of course I mean all adults. There have been a few people, here and there, who don’t think a lot about their weight, or strength, or endurance, or appearance. But those folks are like unicorns; few and far-between. (And possibly mythical.) […]

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January 5, 2014

Having kids isn’t so bad. It’s pretty rewarding, actually, and there are times that it’s all sit-on-my-lap-and-cuddle. We do read books together, and we do take walks together. We play hide ‘n’ seek, and the kids shriek with laughter and we sing Bob Marley and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” on road trips and it’s generally […]

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happy new year!

January 1, 2014

This is going to be a good year… I can tell. This is my wish for you: That you have the best year ever. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be simply that you take today–how you feel, how you think, your limitations and your roadblocks to learning or getting healthier–and […]

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