December 2013

the best day

December 31, 2013

This is the best day of the year. I think it is, anyway. And here’s why: This is the day it’s all over. The mistakes. The problems. The issues. Tomorrow it’ll be 2014! A whole new year, and all that parenting-guilt about not being there last year will melt away into sweet, child-like understanding. At […]

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things my kids say

December 29, 2013

These are things my kids say during the holidays: *”What’s that guy’s name again?” “Who, Jesus?” “Nah, you know, the one who ‘ROSE from the DEAD’?” Um. *”Nana, you’re 88 years OLD?! Someone we know was 100.” “Oh really? Wow” “Yeah. And then he died. Because he was so old.” * “Oh, I wish Santa wore […]

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almost done

December 27, 2013

Howdy! In this, one of the last postings for me of the year 2013, I wanted to take the time to ask you, how’d it go? I don’t just mean holidays, family dinners, present openings. I don’t just mean “did you only need wine, or did you need hard alcohol too?” No, no, I mean, […]

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this isn’t me

December 16, 2013

It’s become my refrain. “This isn’t me!” I say, upon being late somewhere with undone hair and wearing my rite-aid pseudo-Crocs instead of real shoes. “This isn’t me,” I say, motioning to the interior of the van when someone sticks their head in to say hello at school pick-up. “This isn’t ME!” I yell at […]

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December 11, 2013

There’s something about being age 7. It’s magical. I’ve spoken to so many parents who say “my kid was never a cuddler, but now s/he’ll curl up next to me on the couch and chat, or watch TV, or play a game!” Age seven is old enough to know the rules, to understand directions, to […]

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repost: elf in the trash

December 8, 2013

Well, we’ve been headed in this direction for some time. Although almost every kid around here has had an Elf on the Shelf for a year or so, we didn’t have one until this year. Suddenly, on December 1st, Snowflake showed up on our mantle. The kids were so excited–finally! We have one now too!And, […]

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first vs. third

December 5, 2013

There are so many differences between having no kids and having a baby. It’s unimaginable. At first you said things like “We can’t! We’re busy!” and “We’re so broke,” but you didn’t really feel it. Then suddenly you have a baby and you can’t even imagine what you did with all your free time and […]

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