September 2013

keepin’ it real

September 30, 2013

If you read my blog all the time I might come across as a little wishy-washy. One day I might write a loving, praising piece about how I adore my children and how the time goes just too fast, and the next day you may find me complaining about staying at home and feeling like […]

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sports and balance

September 24, 2013

Carpenter and I are not into sports, really, at all. I like baseball, and he will watch a football game (you HAVE TO if you’re from Pittsburgh. It’s the law, I think), but neither of us have a die-hard-ESPN-sportcenter-I-just-can’t-miss-this-game mentality for any sport. We were talking about it a little the other day, because our […]

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oh, crap

September 18, 2013

I was just having one of those “oh, crap!” days, today, again, and I wanted to share. But it’s not the kind of oh, crap day that you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking it’s one of those “I got to ballet class 10 minutes early and Lilly’s hair was in a bun and everything! But then […]

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the bunny

September 17, 2013

Okay, I think enough time has passed between the incident and now that I can feel comfortable telling you the story of the bunny. Or, as I like to refer to it: The Worst Birthday Present you can Give to a 7-Year-Old is a Dead Rabbit, parts 1 and 2. (This could also be called: […]

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breathe deeply

September 8, 2013

It’s back to school time! But, if you have kids, you already know that. Since, you’ve either been getting ready or getting back or getting ready for other kids to get back since the beginning of August. Here we have a grade-schooler and a pre-schooler and a no-schooler and it’s just exhausting. But being a […]

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