January 2013

You know your kid is sick when…

January 31, 2013

Oh dear. What a week. It’s enough to drive other moms totally nuts. This sleeping for like 1-2 hours at a time for a week until someone else cries in the night, vomits, or coughs up a lung. My house is littered with tissues and humidifiers; it feels like South Florida after a rainstorm in […]

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the best valentine’s day gift

January 27, 2013

Well, since it’s almost February, and we’re almost all well (!), I was thinking about Valentine’s day. What do you get for the people you love? It’s hard. Nowadays everyone pretty much has what they need (or more). And how many ways can chocolates or flowers say “I love you?” I guess that depends on […]

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in sickness and in health

January 26, 2013

Hello from sick-central! Those annual flu shots that I always forgo (oh, there are so many strains/we’ve never had it yet!) are coming back to haunt me, big time. Big daughter has been home for three days throwing up with a 102+-degree fever, and now GUESS WHAT?! preschool called yesterday to say “Um, come get […]

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staying connected

January 21, 2013

The thing about kids is that they’re like this incredible mirror. Beautiful sunset? Kids radiate the beauty in the world right back to you a million-fold. Happy morning? Kids have (well, at least until about age six or seven) this amazing ability to bounce out of bed with a smile on their face–3 hours of […]

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this too

January 14, 2013

It will pass. This time of aching, and exhaustion. This time–it never ends sometimes. But it will end. One day it won’t be like this. One day you’ll wear clothes. Clothes, not like just workout clothes or things without spitup or holes. Clothes with buttons ans zippers and snaps, not just elastic waistbands. You’ll fit […]

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choose happiness

January 9, 2013

Well, since Christmas I wrote two pieces about Helena and her horse. (This one, and this one.) The horse that she did not get for Christmas. This one: It sucked. I want to be positive about it, but seeing your kid anxiously check all the other, unopened boxes on Christmas and knowing what she’s looking […]

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baby weight

January 8, 2013

It’s funny that they call it “baby weight.” We’re right into the season of New Years Resolutions, and I’m thinking the baby’s about one of the only people I know who doesn’t worry about his weight. That’s why I love babies. I’m worrying about whether my not skinny pants fit, and he’s, well, not worried. […]

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