May 2012

race against time

May 31, 2012

Holy cow, I am getting old. Either that, or I am 8 months pregnant. Maybe both–it’s so hard to tell at this stage. If you’re ever feeling young and virile, I suggest getting pregnant to really put some perspective into your life. When Carpenter and the family and I were in Michigan this last week, […]

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repost: grossology

May 29, 2012

I’ll be back in a day, but in the meantime I thought you’d get a thrill from this one again. Hope everyone’s weekend was great! ~hm ___________________ Motherhood is wonderful, and amazing. It’ll take your breath away, and leave you wondering in awe at the greatness of the universe. But there are definitely some moments […]

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repost: ten things to remember at a wedding

May 23, 2012

As it’s the end of May, that means June wedding season is almost upon us. In honor of that wonderful, sweaty, Sunday-best time of year, I repost this from last summer. Enjoy!   Top Ten Things to remember at a Wedding: 10 ) Do not get horribly drunk and rant. That’s just something no one […]

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to life!

May 18, 2012

It’s hard to be pregnant. I say this a lot. Because it sucks, for most people. I met a woman the other day whose children were 1 and 3 who said “I absolutely loved being pregnant,” and what I said to her was: “SO YOU’RE THE ONE!” But for most of us it’s just a […]

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the funny thing about being pregnant is…

May 17, 2012

Pregnancy is no joke. It’s long, for starters, and by that I mean how many weeks in a month? 4, right? So, why is 40-42 weeks considered 9 months? Because in my world, 40=4×10, which means it’s really more like ten months. And if you remember correctly, for those of us who don’t go into […]

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I surrender

May 14, 2012

This was going to be an uplifting post. But it’s not going to be. Instead it’s to say I cracked. Today. Well, something cracked. And I could just. not. do. it. The kids were pretty…normal. Not too listen-y, but not terrible. I babysat some other kids this morning which went fine. I didn’t sleep well […]

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dream, dream, dream

May 10, 2012

I just happened to look at the Lotto jackpot for today. The MegaMillions is up to 16 million dollars over here, and that kinda got me thinking. What could I do with $16,000,000.00? Well, I researched a little. It looks like the cash option for that would really be like $9,389,000.00 or so. Okay, so […]

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duck season (“wabbit season”)

May 7, 2012

Sometimes having children is sitting on the porch in the summer, sunshine streaming down, blowing bubbles to them, hearing them laugh in delight and run around popping the biggest one. Sometimes having children is Elmer Fudd and Buggs Bunny and guns and ammo and anvils and bombs and that sneaky feeling that you’ve just walked […]

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thankful Friday

May 4, 2012

You know it’s Friday, and I tend to write all lovey, happiness on Friday. Which is good for us all! Because then we all go into the weekend with a heart full of happiness. Yes? So, here’s what I’m thankful for this Friday. What are YOU Thankful for? I’d love to hear. I’m thankful for […]

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month 7+ update/ “I’m taking my eggs with me”

May 2, 2012

Well, folks, I’m officially third trimester now. And all that. Some part of it gives me great hope that eventually I will be not pregnant anymore, which is definitely my favorite part of pregnancy. Seriously. Some part of me is a little apprehensive about that third trimester, where you’re big and uncomfortable and time’s just […]

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