July 2011


July 28, 2011

I’m going crazy. And I know why. Kids, if you are 30 years old and wondering why I went totally nuts, please refer back to this posting to see where it all began. Tonight I put Lilly to bed and Helena “helped.” So when Lilly was all washed up and ready to go to bed, […]

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July 27, 2011

I’ve never considered myself to be a big U2 fan. They are cool, but in a twangy-guitar playing,  leather-and-shades-wearing, loud Irish Rock Band way. And, I thought, the stuff of mostly white folks or people who grew up in more of the “U2/Berlin Wall 80’s” and not the “Bon Jovi/Big Hair 80’s.” So last night […]

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admitting defeat

July 25, 2011

I don’t know if it’s the weather, or what. I just feel defeated today. And I usually am all “don’t worry, this gets better, you’ll wish you were here one day,” I know, but today? I just feel defeated. The house is a wreck. And I’ve cleaned it top to bottom, i.e. have-the-new-neighbors-over clean, twice […]

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be patient, be patient, don’t be in such a hurry…

July 24, 2011

This is a good thing to keep in mind for the end of summer, which seems to be upon us. I don’t want to push the issue, but did you notice that it’s already kind-of the end of July? Amazing. Where does the time go? This begins the avalanche of the rest of the year. […]

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Ask AJ #3

July 22, 2011

Ask AJ #3 is brought to you from Melissa in greater Pittsburgh, PA. She writes: “AJ, what are your thoughts on gay marriage in NY state?”   I don’t like this blog to be too political (or too anti-political), or too religious (or too anti-religious). I began it so that anyone reading it could feel […]

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toys for sale!

July 21, 2011

Well, I need to clean things out, again. It’s so funny to think about it now, but when Helena was first born 5 years ago, I actually thought “when do babies need toys? How will I know?” I really did. And don’t worry–the toys took care of themselves, breeding and reproducing with a vengeance. If […]

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July 20, 2011

Well, I’ve written about the Nukkies many times before, but it’s coming around again. The time to get rid of the pacifier. Why do I want to get rid of it? Mostly, I just don’t want to go search for it at night, in the dark, under Lilly’s bed. She actually will yelll “MA! I […]

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summer plans

July 18, 2011

It’s approximately 100 million degrees outside. What are YOU doing this week? Because this is what I’m doing: 1 ) Not working out because I am too hot (boo!) 2 ) Not doing yardwork because it is too hot (boo!) 3 ) Letting children watch too much TV and do too much of nothing because […]

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things that are awesome

July 12, 2011

Hello there, In doing the research it’s taking me to go from “Mom who blogs” to “awesome superpower in the blogging world,” I’ve found some truly, truly amazing and creative blogs written by some amazing and creative people. I’d love to share some with you. For readin’: I love Amanda King’s blog Like the Last […]

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hairy potty

July 11, 2011

I was speaking with my sister about how although I don’t need to be rich, it would definitely make things easier. It’s just a basic need to be not worrying about your livelihood all the time. I’m not talking in the $100 millions, but just money to pay bills AND save for retirement AND save […]

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