February 2011

baby shower

February 27, 2011

I know two or three pregnant people right now and I am expecting baby showers soon. And that means I am going to have to buy some presents. It never ceases to amaze me how we, as women, can hold an entire race of humans in secrecy about what actually happens when you have kids. […]

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if at first you don’t succeed

February 23, 2011

All my life I might have been funny, and a bit of a showoff, but everyone who knows even the littlest bit about psychology would figure after knowing me for 5 minutes that I am terribly self-conscious, a trait found in comedians and psychologists, and am only trying to throw the focus off of myself. […]

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still winter

February 22, 2011

“Um, Mom? Is it summer yet?” These are not uncommon words coming from my 4-year-old. And I look out the window, at the fresh 8 inches of snow, and sigh, “No, dear. It’s still winter.” This is a really hard time of year for me, and for most moms and dads, stay-at-home or working. Since […]

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Oxy clean

February 11, 2011

“maybe you should use Oxy Clean. Oxy Clean gets the hard stains out,” said my 4-year-old this morning. And I thought: I think we need a break from TV. What did parents DO before TV? Most (and I’m thinking this is approximately 99.7%) of the parents I know have some sort of TV-time or TV […]

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performance lessons

February 1, 2011

Living with a 4-year-old reminds me that there are not enough of them being employed. I’m serious: TV, radio, Broadway–there would never again be the dreaded “dead air” threatening the entertainment industry. They are like the best sports commentators: even when there’s nothing to tell, they’re telling it. I signed Helena up to be in […]

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