August 2010


August 26, 2010

Motherhood is wonderful, and amazing. It’ll take your breath away, and leave you wondering in awe at the greatness of the universe. But there are definitely some moments you think, okay, that’s just gross. For every time you sit and hold your baby for hours just to watch him sleep, there’s an equally exciting time […]

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you’re on baby time

August 23, 2010

I have never been what one would call a regimented sort of person. When I think about high school, or college, I think of a horrible messy room, long late nights up doing something the very day of the due date, and possibly even doing some things after the very date of the due date. […]

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pacifier blues

August 4, 2010

We are slaves to the pacifier. We began just like any other family. Trying to get the babies to sleep, giving them blankies, rocking them (and rocking them) (and rocking them) (and rocking them)… We tried singing, baths, “nighttime rituals,”–you name it, we’ve tried it. Suddenly when Helena was being babysat at about 7 weeks […]

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